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Mayhew Mediations Fee Rates and Policies

John R. Mayhew charges for the Mediator's time at the rates listed below.  Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, each participating side will be billed equally.  Invoices will consist of all time spent on the dispute including, but not limited to, preparation time, telephone conferences, email correspondence, attendance at the Mediation Conference, any follow-up conferences whether in person or by telephone, collection efforts (including, but not limited to attorney's fees and costs), and any reporting by the Mediator to counsel or the court.

John R. Mayhew's Mediation Fee Rates

(Three (3) hour minimum)

  • $145.00 per hour per side ($290 per hour total) for two-sided disputes

  • $125.00 per hour per side ($375 per hour total) for three-sided disputes

  • $100.00 per hour per side for four-sided or more party disputes

Off-Site Facility Expenses

For Mediation Conferences requiring rented off-site accommodations, the expenses will be included in invoices and each participating side will be billed equally.

Travel Fees and Expenses

John R. Mayhew does not charge for travel time for Mediation Conferences conducted in Hillsborough County.  Travel time is billed at actual hourly rate.  Travel expenses (i.e., mileage, tolls, parking, hotel, air fare, and other similar expenses) for non-local travel are charged at actual cost and each participating side will be billed equally.

Booking Confirmation

Mediation services are not booked until our office confirms the reservation and sends a confirmation email.  A confirmation email will typically be sent within 1 business day of submitting a reservation form, however in some cases, confirmation emails may take longer to arrive.

Cancellation Policy

John R. Mayhew accepts engagements to conduct mediations to the exclusion of scheduling other work for the time period which has been reserved.  Accordingly, due to the difficulty of scheduling a new case when there is a cancellation, the following policies apply to all matters.

In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, John R. Mayhew must receive an email notice at least 15 calendar days before the scheduled Mediation Conference, with the agreement of all parties expressly noted.  Without such notice, the following cancellation/scheduling fees will be charged: $435 per side.  Each party's share of travel expenses already incurred will be applied.  We do not waive applicable cancellation/rescheduling fees unless John R. Mayhew is able to book another case in the reserved time period, as these fees partially compensate us for loss of use of the time slot reserved as well as the administrative expenses incurred in connection with scheduling.  We do not determine who is responsible for a cancellation.  Only if all parties agree will we invoice the charges for all sides to the party responsible for the cancellation.

Payment and Advance Deposit Policy

Payment for Mediation Fees and Expenses is due within 15 days of the date of the invoice and is not conditioned on settlement or receipt of settlement funds.

The attorneys representing parties in this matter or their law firms are responsible to insure that the Mediator is paid in a timely fashion, and if not, the attorney (or law firm, if the attorney practices in a firm) will be personally liable for said fees and costs, including any cancellation fees.

Pro se parties (those not represented by attorneys) must pre-pay an advanced deposit of $435 each at least 15 calendar days before the scheduled Mediation Conference and bring a check to the mediation for payment of the balance of the total Mediation fees no later than the conclusion of the Mediation Conference.  Failure to pay any required advance deposit by the payment deadline will result in cancellation of the Mediation.

Past due date invoices will accrue interest at the highest legal rate and will result in additional charges for time and fees spent on collection.

Mayhew Mediations has some of the lowest fees.
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