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The Advantages of Choosing Mediation over Litigation

As our population grows disputes between people, businesses, and communities are becoming a common occurrence. Resolve your dispute out of court with Mediation instead of Litigation. A trial should be your last resort!

  • Mediation is less expensive than a trial.

  • Mediation is faster than a trial.

  • Mediation is less stressful than a trial.

  • Mediation reduces the uncertainty and risk of a trial.

  • Mediation is a voluntary and consensual process.

  • What you say in Mediation is confidential and not be made public.

  • Mediation provides an opportunity to speak with someone who is neutral and impartial.

  • The issues in your dispute are self-determined. They are not decided by a judge or jury.

  • Mediation encourages an early settlement.

  • Mediation agreements allow you and the other person or party to reach flexible solutions to your dispute.

  • Mediation agreements are enforceable.

  • Mediation is less adversarial without the win or loss at court, which leads to a greater chance of preserving business and personal relationships.

John R. Mayhew is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit and County Mediator specializing in Real Estate Mediation. He is also a licensed Florida Realtor with over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. Make an appointment today at


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